• Holly Tyner Linder

    Holly Tyner Linder

  • ★ jennifer ★

    ★ jennifer ★

    ★ Design signifies intent. What are your intentions? ★ No malarkey.

  • Ben Rowswell

    Ben Rowswell

  • Paul Nemitz

    Paul Nemitz

    Principal Adviser @EU_Commission #AI #Democracy #GDPR #Privacy #Datenschutz #Fundamentalrights #noplace4hate #Legaltech #Dataethics #Datenethik @paulnemitz

  • corey vaudo

    corey vaudo

  • Andrew McLaughlin

    Andrew McLaughlin

    Partner/co-founder: Higher Ground Labs. Venture fellow: betaworks. Board: Access Now, Public Knowledge. Nerd, really. <http://andrew.mclaughl.in>

  • elsadig shelel

    elsadig shelel

  • Tiffany Williams

    Tiffany Williams

    PhD in #cancerbiology @Stanford University. Interests at intersection of health & tech. Occasional cyclist. Currently using superpowers as a software engineer.

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