Today, Think Of Us is publishing Aged Out: How We’re Failing Youth Transitioning Out of Foster Care. This reflects work we’ve done over the past year to understand how the child welfare system is failing youth aging out of foster care.

Read the full report.

Across the country, far too many young people age out of foster care every year into unacceptable circumstances. Think Of Us (TOU) was founded by Sixto Cancel to dramatically improve the experiences of older youth in foster care and to use the tools of the 21st century to do it.

Since its founding, the TOU team worked tirelessly —…

This is a post about how I recruited a team of health practitioners to work with who not only were excellent professionals, but also had personal experience overcoming illness. It is painfully obvious to me that not all people who share this preference will have the access to care that I did. A way I can help on the individual level is to recommend or send you books which have been authored by doctors of this kind — since books are much cheaper than appointments. And to make myself available to share anything I’ve learned along the way.

Sahalie Falls.

Among the…

Reflections on the state of health of my community. Originally posted on October 4, 2019.

Tamolitch Falls along the McKenzie River in Oregon.

Last spring, I took a big, firm step out of the world of illness and into the world of wellness. Very much to my surprise, this transition — which I had prayed and worked and dreamed for — was extremely unpleasant. I am still processing how such a miracle felt painful.

I know at least one of the reasons is that as I re-gained capacity, I needed less energy to care of myself. This brought a literal sensation of picking-my-head-up. Instinctually, this newfound energy — that I previously directed inward to navigate my own health problems — went outward to…

Reflections on being lost. And being found. Originally posted on August 8, 2019.

I’m sharing more about my health journey — not so much to help with my own healing, though I’m sure it will do that! But because so very many of us are sick. As I get more and more on the other side myself, I realize it does no one any good for me to stay quiet about what I’ve learned, especially since this learning was so hard-earned and since my ability to get better is rooted in many layers of privilege that others may not have.

I got really sick about 5 years ago. For the first 2.5 years…

Reflections on the perspective that saved my life. Originally posted on May 25, 2019.

There is something I want to tell you. Finding a way to write about it has been really challenging. Though not nearly as hard as the actual thing:

For the last 5 years, I’ve struggled through impossible chronic illness.

Chronic illness has been an experience so formative that language fails me. How can I possibly capture at once the rawness and the beauty? How do I even begin to tell you my story?

I can write through the language of science about my symptoms and diagnoses. I can write through the language of poetry, and show you how this was…

How a small team touched every congressional election in the country.

Since its founding in 2017, The New Data Project has been experimenting to find the best way to increase voter turnout. VoteWithMe — our relational voter turnout app — was, by far, the most effective tool we found. So, we dedicated every resource we had to getting VoteWithMe into as many hands as possible before Election Day in 2018. Here’s the story of how that turned out:

What’s VoteWithMe?

VoteWithMe is a mobile app that encourages you to get your friends out to vote, especially your friends in swing districts. It’s different from traditional GOTV methods, like door knocking and…

In 2016, we learned the hard way that many of our assumptions were wrong — dangerously wrong. And we wanted to help, fast. Committed to reexamining what we thought we knew, the New Data Project was born.

NDP Ouroboros. Design by Stephanie Nguyen

When we started up, we drew inspiration for our logo from the Ouroboros — the iconic image of a snake eating its own tail. It’s a symbol of constant reflection, continued renewal, and rebirth. All qualities a healthy democracy must have.

We spent the early months of 2017 surveying the landscape. We came up with two important gaps. Those gaps became our first…

Sarah Sullivan

Mostly interested in healing of all kinds. Formerly: NDP, @USDigitalService, and Obama White House.

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